Knife Hand Crafting


Knife-Making Process

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This slideshow will outline the steps that are used for the knife-making process. Use the arrows to advance the show or select the play button and sit back. Its showtime.

Steel Selection

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We begin our knife process by cutting our sheet of 5/32 x26x74 A-2 tool steel into manageable sizes. We then template our particular blade that we are cutting and cut it out on our band saw. We then size it by grinding it to shape to match our template. After surface grinding the mill scratches out we tang stamp the blade with our name and drill out the pin holes for the handles. After wrapping the blade in a stainless steel foil we are ready to heat treat.

Heat Treat

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We heat treat our blades to 1775 degrees. After cooling we temper them twice, heating them to 475 degrees, letting them soak for 90 minutes…. then they are cooled. We do three Rockwell tests on each blade. Our blades test at 57-59 on the Rockwell C scale. Most average 58 on the scale. When they come out of the oven and have cooled, they have an iridescent look to them as this picture shows.


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After heat treat we surface grind any discoloring off the blade and choose handle material and pins to fasten the handle to the knife blade. We drill out the pin holes in the handle material… and then glue the handles and pins together to the knife….clamping them till the glue sets.

Handle Shaping

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After the glue has set up we grind out the handle to shape and change the grit on our belts several times till we get the handle to size. We buff the handles out and make sure all the sand marks are gone. After the handle is complete we lay out our blade for grinding. We begin with a course grit, after making a plunge cut on the blade we begin our convex grind. Going from 36 grit to 320. As we get our blade to a finished edge we are ready then to buff it to final finish.

Buff Blade

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We buff out our blade with a series of buffing wheels lightly buffing w/220 grit and finishing with a 600grit. We then give them a light buff with a green compound and finish with a light stropping with a leather strop. At this point they are very sharp and will shave hair. We must be very careful handling our knives as they are sharp.

Grand Finale

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Finished knife handle is buffed and complete and the blade has been ground, buffed and stropped. Its ready to be cleaned and inspected then packaged with its sheath.

Seventh pane

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